Friday, November 9, 2007

As luck would have it

For years I refused to own a full-length mirror; in fact, I considered writing my memoirs and entitling them A House With No Mirrors. Well, after we moved into our new house, I broke down and bought a full-length mirror. It was nice to have, because the bathroom mirror only affords me a view from the neck up. Occasionally before going out in public, it is nice to know if my outfit matches.

This morning I noticed that the mirror looked a little filmy, so I decided to clean it. Now, I should point out that Rob and I never actually got around to finding a place to hang up the mirror: its just been sitting propped up against the wall. Anyway, I set about cleaning the mirror, and as I walked away, I heard a spectacular crash. Yes, it had fallen to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. I began the task of cleaning it up and thought grimly, well at least I’m not superstitious—otherwise I’d have 7 years of bad luck ahead of me.

As I reflected on the fact that I am not superstitious, I couldn’t help but recall Scooby’s death—which occurred on a Friday the Thirteenth. And then all of a sudden I remembered that while I was running last night, a black cat had darted out and crossed my path. Yikes. It looks like I’m in for it.

I’m now wondering if there is something I can do to possibly distill all this impending bad luck. Like throw salt over my shoulder? Or is that for something else? At any rate, I thought I’d write about it because if nothing else, maybe all this makes for a mildly amusing story.

In other news, I had an email from Leda today who filled me in on all the happenings on Ometepe. I hadn't heard from Eduardo in a while, so I'd asked her how he was doing. She assured me that he was fine and very busy studying English as always. No word on Wrinkle Belly though; I can only assume he's gearing up for the season of flowers.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

.....For heaven's sake, you and Rob please wear slippers, shoes or something on your feet for the next month or more. It doesn't seem to matter how good you clean, those little slivers pop up when you least expect it! I am truly glad to know there was no blood shed.

.....Sorry about the broken mirror -The lesson we all learned today is... If you buy a new mirror, HANG IT, DANG IT!

amypfan said...

I have heard that if you wipe up broken mirror with cotton swabs, the little cotton fibers pick up the tiny glass you miss. Never tried it, but thought I'd pass it on. Anyway, they say that bad luck comes in 3s, so it seems that you're done now, no need for salt.

I am extremely excited about tomorrow's opening of the packages that came from you and Mom R last week..... I am a little schitzy about only opening presents on my actual birthday. So thank you in advance! :)

foxymomma said...

WELL, I agree with MOM SCHO. DO BE CAREFUL-- those little shards of glass can FLY millions of MILES...!!!! I'm pretty sure , it would only be a HANGING MIRROR , that broke , that would cause BAD LUCK, and only a black cat?? if it had a WHITE stripe down it's back, to worry about!!! And to amyP, a HAPPY HAPPY DAY, tomorrow........ Hope all is going well> So, Meli, hang in there, and save the salt for your veggies, no need to throw anything more on the floor!!!!-:) luv you,

Anonymous said...

Your story of the broken glass brought back memories!!!! I was cleaning the glass doors on our shower and suddenly all around me glass fell into (like you said, a zillion pieces)! I bet I found little slivers for months. So, do be careful, they pop up where you would never suspect! I have never been superstitious, so I was "totally" not thinking, it could bring me bad luck???? But, am sorry after you made the decision to buy the mirror and then you had that experience.