Sunday, December 30, 2007

4 hours till go time

The Ragfields have arrived in Springfield, MO and the marathon is a mere 4 hours away. Rob is going to take pictures during the race and upload them to the blog while I’m still running, so if you want to, you can follow along. That doesn’t make me feel pressured or anything… not like I have to look good unedited in addition to running fast. In fact, if you don't want follow along, that's fine with me.

Here are some pictures we took while on the road:

Gateway to the west

The Ragfields have entered Missouri

Artsy shot of Iris


Anonymous said...


G O O D L U C K ! ! ! !

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I'll be RIGHT behind you, but will try not KNOCK you down----:) You're always photogenic, so not to fuss!!! May the wind be behind you and the sun shine down upon you all the way,,,,,,,, luv you , GOOD LUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, so , that was me sending the anonymous, guess I needed to sign my name, at any rate, we'll be rooting for you, so get ready , set, go,, luv and hugs, mom and dad

amypfan said...

Best of luck!