Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Report

Big-name primatologist Franz de Waal was on the Colbert Report tonight. Colbert clearly needs to attend my Anth 241 class (or Cara’s 6th grade reading class) and learn the freaking difference between a monkey and an ape. And also learn what evolution is. The travesty is that the segment was so short (like 2 minutes?) that de Waal couldn't even really do much to correct most of the erroneous statements Colbert made. At any rate, it was really cool to see de Waal on TV. Probably second only to the time I saw Evo Morales on the Daily Show.

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Cara said...

my students are acutely aware of the difference between a monkey and an ape...and told Melissa as much when she came to visit! I welcome Mr. Colbert to my class any day!