Tuesday, March 18, 2008

#8... or #9...!?

I just happened to come across this. My lifelong dream is coming true on April 25, 2009! There’s going to be a marathon right here in C-U!!!! Another reason to either put everything in my life on hold or somehow speed it up to get it over with before then. April 25, 2009 is going to be far from ideal, but I’m going to have to do everything possible to be able to run this marathon!! I am already so excited that I can barely breathe. I think I need to make myself some chamomile tea or this will be another sleepless night.


Anonymous said...

sooooo, get em all run BEFORE you hit the big 30!!!!!!!!!! then it's slow down time...... save a few miles on your body, for later on, YOU may need them!!!!! GOOD LUCK,, I'll come watch the C/Umarathon.!!! even tho I'll be pretty old by then!!!! YIKES... luv you , foxy mama

Anonymous said...

Just don't know how your body stands all the running!!!!! I guess you call it "IN SHAPE"! Never have known that feeling. Good luck and be careful! I have been meaning to tell you that I asked my 7 and 9 year old grandaughters if they knew the difference between a monkey and and chipanzee? They both knew!!!! I asked them how they knew and they had read it in a book they have at home. I thought you would be proud of them.
FoxyMama's friend, Pat