Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Night Before Marathon #7

Someday I'll have to catch up on the events of last week, but for now I don't have the time. Rob and I are in Madison, WI, and I am getting ready to run marathon #7 bright and early tomorrow morning. Rob plans on live-blogging as I run, so you can check out his blog if you want to follow along and see how great or how terrible I am doing. I'll be sure to post a more detailed account of the whole thing afterwards.

I've got to go; as per usual before a marathon, we are watching American Flyers--a movie (filmed in circa 1984?) that stars a young Kevin Costner as a cyclist competing in a big bike race called Hell of the West. We watch this before every marathon. By now we can pretty much recite the whole thing. (Favorite movie quote: "How can you be sick? I mean, look at you: you've got a mustache and everything!") This time it is particularly exciting because part of the movie takes place in Madison, WI. Hopefully that will bring me for luck tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

ROOM SMELLS LIKE BIRD FOOD?????? HMMMMM> HOPEFULLY IT WON'T MAKE YOU SICK .. MAYBE IT WILL GIVE YOU "GO POWER"----- May the Wind be behind you all the way---- and may the HILLS be little ones!!!! GO GIRL GO!!!!!!! HUGS, and Luv , foxy mama