Monday, June 16, 2008

Home sweet home

Rob and I made it back from our San Francisco adventure around 11:30pm last night. For me, the trip home had started at 5:30am, so it was a long day indeed. The biggest calamity was that one of the airlines (United? American? Its hard to say) had decided to search the suitcase that the Dahon (folding bike) was in. They couldn't get it back in there properly (it is very difficult) so they did a half-ass job and couldn't get the suitcase to close. To remedy this, they duct-taped it, but because they had packed it so poorly, one of the spokes poked through the suitcase and essentially ruined it.

When we got home, the house was still standing and everything was okay. I don't know if our neighbors had been watering our garden, or if we've just continued to have an excessive amount of rain, but seriously, everything out there is about knee or waist high. The cucumbers and squash even have flowers on them. Aside from all the weeds that have sprouted up, it looks amazing.

Oh, and to answer a few questions that people (John) have left in the comments. About the captions on the photos. It does not seem that blogger actually allows you to make captions. I just go to the "compose" mode when I'm writing the post, and from there I can center and italicize the text. It only works when the photos are centered; ie, if you put them on the right or left side of the post, there's no way to make a caption under it. And about the chronology. If Rob's sometimes non-chronological posts are confusing, you can always check with mine; I can't imagine that I would ever write something out of order. Of course, if you are just looking at it now, you will have to scroll to the bottom, since Blogger puts most recent posts at the top.

Anyway, this post is boring me, and I've got a list of things to do today that include: laundry, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, returning emails and phone calls, oh and writing my dissertation.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

welcome home!! as you have now noticed, the wind is still blowing and the rains are abundant in the good old midwest! happy weeding, etc.
hugs, auntie

Ragfield said...

I read Auntie's comment as "happy wedding" and wondered if there was anything you needed to tell me.

Anonymous said...

welcome home RAGFIELDS, welcome home!!!!!!!! What a busy exciting week for both of you!!!!! Sounds like you'll need to spend a few days, RESTING from your vacation!!!!!!! It was wonderful sharing in your journey, I felt like I was there seeing it all... Your photos are fantastic !!!!! Maybe you can write a SAN FRANCISCO GUIDE book, one of those that say, ' what REALLY is good to see, and what they could pass by'!!!!! AND the places to eat and NOT TO EAT!!!!! Now , it's back to the RAGFIELDS own GARDEN and all the wonderful PRODUCE you will soon be enjoying!!!!!! luv you, foxy mama

Anonymous said...

Haven't been able to read your blogs for awhile, but, just looked at ALL the pictures. They are wonderful. Never been to California, so really enjoyed them. Glad you got home safely and all in one piece. I know what you mean about WEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom's friend, Pat

gutzville said...

Sadly most of my pictures are usually left justified and small, but apparently they may be redoing some of blogger ot add more functionality sometime. Meybe that will include cattions