Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Running with sweet corn

Cousin Don* brought a load of sweet corn from his farm to running club tonight. He usually does this at least once in the summer; I can’t speak for everyone else, but I always look forward to this. In addition to being a nice guy and a fast runner, Cousin Don grows some good sweet corn.

I picked up two ears of corn: one for Rob and one for me. Of course, Rob and I had both run over there, so that meant we would be running back home with our ears of corn. I thought, this is Urbana. No one’s even going to give it a second glance. We started home, and I carried an ear of corn in each hand. People did actually give us second glances. I realized I probably looked like a corn thief. Like I had gone into somebody’s field, stolen two ears of corn, and was now fleeing the scene of the crime. On our way back home we caught up with two women from the club who had left just a bit before us. Each of them was carrying two ears of corn as well. We must have looked like a very strange procession, running along with our ears of corn. Only in Urbana.

Sometimes, getting fresh, local produce is all about being in the right place at the right time. All things considered, I’m glad that Cousin Don didn't bring watermelon.

Thanks to Cousin Don for sharing his delicious sweet corn!

*No relation.


Anonymous said...

HAH, - RUNNIN ALONG , FLEEING THE SCENE,, A CORN THIEF, in URBANA!!!!!!! FUNNY girl..... now that would have been an INTERESTING VIDEO, ,,,,,, that and the WATERMELON saga !!!!! Nothing tastes better, than FRESH PRODUCE!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!! LUV YOU< foxymama

Anonymous said...

Just two ears of corn???

A real thief would have had her husband of 7 years grab two also...


gutzville said...

Mr. Corn Grabber
Some sort of man, who steals corn, or a talking corn who steals corn.

I call animation rights