Sunday, October 12, 2008

50-mile week

This past week I’ve run over 50 miles (I think it was actually probably closer to 51), which is the farthest I’ve ever run during one week. In fact, I’ve run about 96 in the last 2 weeks and taken only 2 days off. I feel pretty hard core.

Today was my last 20-miler before the Indianapolis Marathon on November 1. This means all my training is done, and all I’ll be doing for the next few weeks is trying to conserve my knees and running much lower mileage. Its always nice to end on a high note, but today’s 20-miler was nothing noteworthy. The weather was a lot warmer than I’d been expecting though. I actually had to change my route a little bit so that I could run back home and get more water when I realized I didn’t have enough with me to comfortably finish out the last 4 miles. Even so, I was pretty dehydrated when I finally got done.

Instead of getting my electrolytes back in order, I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. And I’m not talking about light dusting or anything like that. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing things and moving random piles of clutter for about 4 hours. It would have tired me out had I not run 20 miles beforehand. The infuriating part is that the house is still not totally clean or organized.

I’ve been running fairly high mileage since August, and its been pretty intense for me. As you’re going through it, it compromises your immune system and makes you narcolepticly exhausted (at 3pm I fall asleep no matter where I am) and ridiculously hungry (I probably eat about 3000 calories a day). But in the end, it only makes you stronger—which is why I keep doing it, I suppose.

Thanks for reading.


Ragfield said...

Take the day off.

Anonymous said...

I AGREE with ragfield!!!! take 2 DAYS OFF!!! and SO SHOULD HE!!! or he'll be TOO WORN OUT TO CELEBRATE in a couple weeks,/ ( or 13 days, )!!! hugs to you both, foxy mama

Cathy said...

Awesome training! My husband is running in the Mini on that day too, he ran the Fort Ben Indy Marathon today, and in 2 weeks he's doing the Monumental Marathon. It runs right smack through downtown and sounds lovely. He's talking about trying full marathons next year. Maybe we can meet, while you're in the city?!