Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Ragfield Family Christmas Tree (cont'd)

The Ragfield family Christmas tree

If this tree gets any more cute and folksy, it will wink and say, "You betcha." (Let's hope it doesn't come to that.)

I actually really love our folksy tree. Making the popcorn and cranberry garland took forever, but it was a nice way to be productive during my unrelenting insomnia.

I haven't had any luck in finding a more suitable top for the tree. You wouldn't think it would be too hard. All I want is a plain silver star. Over the weekend I looked at Prairie Gardens and Michael's, and neither of them had anything even remotely like that.

Here are a few photos of some of my favorite ornaments.

I picked up this ornament in San Francisco in a cute little shop at Fisherman's Wharf for only $1.49


Ragfield said...

"That thing wouldn't fit in our yard."

Melissa said...

"Its not going in our yard, Russ. Its going in our living room."

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your DARLING FOKSY CHRISTMAS TREE< You should send a picture, to a COUNTRY MAGAZINE<<<<< but if your tree WINKS at you , and says, YOU BETCHA-- maybe you could SET it out on the street!!!:) all your hard labored hours of STRINGING POPCORN AND CRANBERRIES, make for a BEAUTIFUL TREE!!!!!!! now just sit back and ENJOY it!!! luv ya, foxymama

amypfan said...

We have not decorated AT ALL yet. You are 100% invited to come do our house too if you don't want to make your own any cuter.

gutzville said...

We found a delightfully cheap plain silver star @ target. Though I had to rig it up w/ some coat hangers to get it to stay on top of the tree.

"Hey clark where do you think you are going to put a tree that big?"