Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Electric Slide

Fig does this thing sometimes that we call the “Electric Slide.” It often seems like I don’t feel Fig move as much as other pregnant women feel their babies move, but I think Fig just has a different way of moving. It involves less kicking and more sliding. Yesterday I was sitting here working on my dissertation and I felt the Electric Slide again. Fig firmly planted the foot (well, I think it’s a foot, but it could be anything I suppose) making my stomach rise in that area what seemed to be at least 2 inches. Unlike a kick, which would have been a quick jab, Fig kept the foot there for a while, right at the top of my stomach. Then Fig began slowly sliding the foot down… I could see the protrusion on my stomach move as Fig did this. After traversing a certain distance, Fig powerfully returned the foot to the top of my stomach.

I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. As in, I was laughing so hard that tears actually started streaming down my cheeks. I didn’t really know what to do about this firmly planted foot, so I rubbed it. I thought maybe Fig wanted a foot rub. Fig pressed the foot harder and seemed to give a giant stretch—I could feel the whole little body extending through the entire length of my belly. I thought, the poor dear must be terribly cramped in there. I tried to sit up very straight and tall to give Fig more room.

Today I’ve been doing Fig’s laundry. Three loads to be exact. It was blisteringly hot outside—nearly 90 degrees and sunny, with what feels like 900% humidity. Adding a few clouds to tone down the sun would have made it perfect, but then Fig’s little clothes wouldn’t have dried as fast.

Tiny clothes

Tiny socks

I also got a chance to see a couple of old friends from high school who were both in town this weekend. It was a lot of fun catching up, even though the time went by so quickly.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

OOOOO I love fig's clothes DRYING outside!!!!!!! sooo tiny and cute!! laughed hysterically at FIG doing the ELECTRIC?? slide!!!!!!! what a hoot!! also laughed at your SITTING up TALL> funny girl!!! just HOW tall can ONE SIT???? stretch the spine, relax the shoulders, breathe deeply. ( yoga talk, huh???) I also have trouble STRETCHING THE SPINE UP THRU MY HEAD , and RELAXING MY SHOULDERS AT THE SAME TIME,and then it's about the BREATHIN. OOPS, am I to do that TOOO??????? hang in there, thinking about the fun ahead, luv you , foxymama

amypfan said...

3 loads, and you're worried about Fig going naked? I guess diapers do take up a lot of that, though. As far as the "electric slide" goes, every baby has their own way of moving. When I was pregnant with Shay, she really loved "dancing" to music with a super loud bass.... so when I would chaperone high school dances, she would jab my belly and move so much that all kids at the dance could see it happening from the outside.... Yeah, if that's not a good deterrent to teenage pregnancy, I don't know what is! :)

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to see you this past weekend! Our little one has certainly developed his/her own movements too. It is so fun/weird to feel it, isn't it? :) - Ashley