Thursday, December 4, 2008

Round and round the Christmas tree

When I was little we had this stereo-hutch type thing that held an actual record player. Around Christmas, we would play actual records on this record player. It may have been a bit of an antiquated system, even at the time, but I always remember it as being so much fun.

There was one particular song I remember listening to all the time. I don’t know who sang it or even what the name of the song was, but the chorus went something like this:

Round and round the Christmas tree
Opening presents with the family
One for you and two for me!
Oh what a Christmas Day!

Last night as Rob and I decorated our tree, that song was going through my head. In case anybody who found this doesn’t already read Rob’s blog, here is a video of us decorating the tree. A while ago Rob built this remote timer thing for his camera, and while we were decorating the tree he set it up so that it would take a photo every 10 seconds. Then he strung all these photos together and made a video out of it.

(Technical note: Okay, I just looked at this post and realized that the smallness of the video really sucks. I need to get back to my dissertation now, but sometime soon I will try to fix the video. And maybe also convince Rob to add some kind of music to the video [if that is even possible]).

If you look closely, you will see that at one point we dropped an ornament and it shattered. At the time I was disappointed to have broken an ornament, but in retrospect, it is pretty funny on the video. Also, you may see me go in and out the front door a couple of times. Although it looks like I am trying to run away, I was actually just putting up a wreath and some other small decorations outside.

I would also like to point out that (what may end up as a future blog entry), the finishing touches have not yet been added to the tree. I am trying to make a popcorn and cranberry garland (which is taking a lot longer than I'd hoped), and I'd kind of like to get an actual star for the top.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

ROUND AND ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE< ( the monkey chased meli)!!! sorry, it just sounded good, , anyhooooo, I laughed out loud, watching your video, REMIND me next year, to HIRE you two to come do my decorating, the SPEED YOU HAVE is AWESOME!!!!! :) and PLEASE include MUSIC with the next post, just make sure it's FAST!!! like you two!!! oh and the tree is BEAUTIFUL, and with the ADDED touch of cranberries and popcorn , it will BE SUPERB!!!!! hugs to you both, luv you , foxymama

Anonymous said...

cranberries and popcorn -- i ALWAYS wanted to do that but never stopped long enough to make it happen ... your tree is perfect -- and i LOVED the video ... thank you so very much for the great 'round and round' laugh!!
hugs, auntie

Logan's Mama said...

The tree looks great! I did the cranberry and popcorn thing one year and I'm lucky that my fingers did not need to be amputated from all the needle sticks I endured. Warning: cranberries are hard.
Watching the video, I noticed that some of your ornaments were in a G-Vingt bag. How cool is that...

Anonymous said...

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