Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Irises, Part 2

Now that the sun is rising so early, I can’t sleep in. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. There is nothing better than waking up to warmth and sunshine.

I left for a walk around 7am, and these irises were still buds. A few hours later, they have bloomed.

Why was it for all those years I preferred autumn to spring?


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful flower and looks like there are MANY more waiting to open up......... thanks for sharing !!!! SPRING is the BEST time of year, it just doesn't usually last long enough!!!!! I could take today's weather all year long!!! luv you, foxymama

Anonymous said...

LOVE the color of your Iris's. I have the usual, purple, yellow and a couple white. Don't think I have ever seen a pink one. And, yes, spring is the BEST time of the year. ALTHOUGH, it could stop raining for a few days anyway?????? And, congratulations on your race the other day. I bet fig was saying "Weeeeeee this is fun!"