Friday, January 1, 2010

Quitting time

This is kind of abrupt, but I’m quitting Almost PhD. Life is full of a different set of adventures (or lack thereof?) these days, so I’ve decided to go in a different direction. I’m hoping that I have the time and energy to keep writing, because I'm sure when this has all passed, I would really like to have a record of what life was like when Will was a baby. It's not necessarily always going to be cute and cheerful: sometimes the baby won't stop crying and everything sucks. So I’m writing this mainly because I just like to write, I guess, but if you’d like to join along (all 5 of you?), you can find me at Cloth Mother.

Thanks for reading.

4 months


Anonymous said...

boooooohoooooooo :( sooo sorry to see you go!!!!!!!! but as life takes a FORK in the road, it is OK, to move on, and see what else awaits you!!!! You can ALWAYS still WRITE<<<<<<< we used to call that keeping a JOURNAL> WAAAAAAAY back in the days of PAPER AND PEN??? your grandmother has STACKS of JOURNALS>>>>>>> Don't let the LITTLE things suck you down....... this first year in the LIFE of WILLIAM will go by in a flash !!! Jot down the important things, and the other things,??? well, you'll remember them ,too!!!!!!! HAPPY 2010, luv you, foxymama

Ashley said...

I'll keep reading (and I love the new title)! :) - Ashley

amypfan said...

I am, as always, a faithful reader. And you're keeping up Will's site, right?

Anonymous said...

well, i'm a little sad ... and a little glad ... this Almost PhD has kept us so close to all your thoughts near and far during the past quick years ... and the "Journaling" could definitely be inherited as i now have stacks of your grandmother's writings ... many entries just about the weather (ha) ... so i hope you can find a way to satisfy your wonderful writing talent without consuming the time for fun things in your future as a 'cloth mother' or just William's mommy ... at least until he leaves the Baby Bjorn!! He is a very precious, adorable and most handsome baby and even though he's 'William', he will bring you great 'joy'!!!
enough ... and hugs, auntie

Anonymous said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Just kidding, you have been such a trooper to keep us all up-to-date on all of your adventures. Now, you are headed in a new direction. So, good luck at wherever and whatever that may be. Of course, we all know Will is going to play a part in whatever.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can understand your feeling, because i'm in a similar situation like you. And i told my boss today that i decide to quit my PhD although its already my last year.Life is short, dont spend too many time and bad mood on things you dislike.Spend more time with your family is much more important.
Best wishes for you

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